Top 5 Great Places in San Jose to go on your First Date

Top 5 Great Places in San Jose to go on your First Date

So you already found a date. Now you are looking for the best places to go on your first date right in here in San Jose. Well, there is nothing to worry because San Jose has many places to offer. Finding the best dating place will never be a problem knowing that there are limitless choices to choose from. So, whatever kind of date you prefer, you can be certain that there is always a perfect place for you in San Jose.

Check out these top 5 great places in San Jose that you should not miss to go on your first date.

Vasona Park

Nature lovers out there will definitely fall in love with the beauty of Vasona Park located in Los Gatos. The best thing about the park is that it has plenty of stuff suited for outdoorsy such as scenic vistas, hiking trails, and a lot more. Either way, it is also one of the great ways to spend a weekend with your loved one.


Do you love arts? You will surely have an amazing dating experience if you will visit Petroglyph. What makes this place a great one to go on your first date is the fact that couples are given the chance to paint. This is one of the safest bets for your first date.

Hakone Gardens

Nothing compares to the exquisiteness of Hakone Gardens. The grounds are made in order to mimic the Japanese estate and are dotted with tranquil gardens and restored structure, which in the first place make it a kind of like a natured theme park perfect for your first date. You and your date can definitely wander the grounds or even ponder the prettiness of the surroundings.

Hidden Villa

We cannot deny the fact that there are lots of couples who love animals. If you are among them, you surely have a place right here at Hidden Villa. You can definitely show your cuddly and soft side every time you are in the place. This is the place where the wilderness is preserved and is packed with fun and excitement. The place is very popular as a field trip destination and a dating place as well.

The Retro Dome

Are you looking for unique place in San Jose to go on your first date? If so, why not visit The Retro Dome. The place mainly offers laid-back screenings of the casual meeting place. The staffs will provide many things such as pre-show trivia contest to spice up your first date. If you are an artsier type, the place is the best one for you.

Those are some of the many places in San Jose you can go on your first date. Whichever you choose, you can always guarantee that your first date will become memorable. After all, date is all about being with the person whom you truly love. Finding the perfect place will make your date one of a kind and worth another round of try.

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