How to Turn Your a Hookup Into A Serious Relationship

How to Turn Your a Hookup Into A Serious Relationship

You meet at and then you go on a hookup date. You have great fun and then have some drinks. You flirt and that is all. What if in the course of having a hookup date you find yourself wanting something even more meaningful with your hookup date? Below are some of the tips you can use to turn your a hookup right into a serious and lasting relationship.

Understand that your Mind Changes

You should first understand that it is okay to change your mind. Bear in mind that life does not always work according to your plans. The same also goes with any kind of relationship. Just because you entered a hookup date does not mean that you are entitled to change the way you think and then decide you want more than just great fun. You should also understand that you are entitled to disagree with your own new relationship terms. If you could handle rejections, then proceed to the next level.

Have Some Internal Reflection

Forget your hookup date for a second. Are you comfortable with the idea of dating? You need to dig deeper and then do some searching. Right after you have got the why’s and how’s, you will be able to easily approach conversation a more rational way.

Avoid Dragging Things Out

One of the best ways to communicate your own wants is with complete honesty. Let your hookup date know that you entered a kind of relationship for casual romance, but you have just started to feel strongly. Take note that you should make sure that people around you do not have to make decision then and there. This way, they would not be pressured into making hasty decision that is not right for you and your hookup date.

Make Plans

Right after you have let your hookup date know what you really feel, suggest some other time to meet up and chat. This is one of the most crucial parts where the casual flings fail to develop into more meaningful because of the dating’s nature. Always remember that there is no innovation like a deadline. Just agree on the time so that both of you certainly know that there is closure.

Play the Waiting Game

Perhaps, this is the hardest part. Knowing that your own feelings are hanging and you are stuck, staring at your own phone and waiting for a text saying “Let us be exclusive”.

Right now, you should never pressure yourself. Take this time as a great opportunity for focus on yourself. Whatever happens is an opportunity to grab.

Not all hookups end up in a casual relationship. There are some who find hookup dating as a way to find a long lasting relationship. Given the tips above, you can certainly have ideas on how to turn your hookup into a serious relationship. Just be patient and show what you really feel and the rest will definitely follow suit. This will then give you memories that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

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